Lingerie For ‘Average’ Women – Top Advice And Tips

If you consider yourself an ‘average’ woman, but still want to look sexy and feel attractive in lingerie, then this guide was written for you. While there can often be a lot of pressure on women to conform to certain styles and looks, there’s no denying that lingerie can still make you feel attractive even when you consider yourself ‘average’.

With this in mind, here’s a few tips for finding lingerie that makes you look fantastic, without having to feel self-conscious. In fact, the right lingerie won’t make you feel ‘average’ at all.

Check Plus Sizes

If you’re a little larger than you’d like to be, that doesn’t mean you can’t look wonderful in the right style of lingerie. The key is to look for plus size items which are designed to be more flattering for women with fuller figures.

While there’s certainly a market for small, skimpy items, there’s also many voluptuous lingerie styles which can be very alluring and drive your partner crazy with desire for you.

Cover Self-Conscious Areas

When you’re feeling a little self-conscious about a certain area of your body, it can feel like lingerie just isn’t ‘meant’ for you. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you pick a style of lingerie that ‘covers’ your self-conscious areas, you’ll be able to feel attractive and sexy without triggering any embarrassment.

Commonly, many women choose ‘baby doll’ or ‘teddy’ lingerie which gives you long, flowing strips of material that hang down from the bra. This means it’ll cover the areas you want to hide, but in an attractive way that’ll leave you feeling fantastic.


Ultimately, sexy lingerie is something any woman can wear to feel fantastic and arouse their partner, even if you consider yourself ‘average’. Remember, there’s no need to conform to typical stereotypes of what is attractive and what isn’t. Realize that feeling confident and sexy comes from within, and the right lingerie will bring this out in you.